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storvik's Journal

Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid
Commander Storvik is the Vulcan captain of the USS Murgatroid.

alcohol, anime, arthur, babylon 5, backrubs, being lazy, bob simon, booging, books, booze, breathing, bruce campbell, buffy, caffeine, cartoons, comedy, comics, computers, conventions, cosplay, costumes, crossdressing, crossovers, discordianism, douglas adams, dr. demento, dragnet, duct tape, england, exploring, explosions, fandom, fantasy, ferrets, filk, freakazoid, freaking the mundanes, friends, friendship, galaxy quest, games, gaming, getting lost, ghostbusters, green chicks, harlan ellison, harry potter, hitchhiker's guide, i grok spock, illuminati, information, insanity, insubordination, intelligence, internet, irony, irresponsible captain tylor, isaac asimov, japan, kamikaze peep squad, kicking hippies, kilts, las vegas, legos, life, logic, lord of the rings, love, lovecraft, lyrics, manga, massage, meatloaf, meditation, men in black, midgets, monty python, movies, music, neon genesis evangelion, orgazmo, parody, penn & teller, performance art, philosophy, pointed ears, pointy ears, politics, pop tarts, q, ranma 1/2, reading, red dwarf, redrum, renaissance faires, renaissance festivals, richard o'brien, ritz, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, role playing, role-playing, romulan ale, ryoga, sarcasm, satire, scaring normals, sci-fi, science, science fiction, seven year mating cycles, sex, sf, shiny things, shore leave, smuggling, smurfs, snuggling, songs, south park, spock, star trek, star trek tos, starfleet, steve jackson games, storvik, stuff, superfreak, the beatles, the mask, time travel, time warp, tolkien, travel, ubs casual, uniforms, uss murgatroid, utena, vampires, vodka, vulcan, vulcans, wackylacing, warp drive, webcomics, weird al yankovic, women, writing, ,