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Regarding Vulcan Sexuality

As has been noted elsewhere, pon farr is not a sexual drive but a compulsion to mate. Necessary to keep the Vulcans from "logicking themselves into extinction", in one Terran's words, pon farr preserves the Darwinian need to reproduce and pass on one's genes to the next generation. As such, it is an exclusively heterosexual phenomenon – any instincts which a Vulcan might have in any other direction are thoroughly repressed along with all other emotional feelings and urges. Homosexual behavior within "normal" Vulcan society (longstanding rumors surrounding Ambassador Spock and Admiral Kirk notwithstanding) is therefore completely unknown. After all, in the words of a particularly libertine Deltan, "someone has to balance out the more 'sexually mature' races."

There still exists a small, little-known minority of Vulcans called the V'tosh ka'tur who allow themselves (in secret and/or exile) to experience some emotions and physical drives as a complement to their Vulcan logic. It is possible that some of the V'tosh ka'tur also indulge in sexual experimentation beyond the standard "mating practices", but it cannot be confirmed as little information about them is available to researchers or the general public.

In the alternate universe from which Evil Storvik originates, Vulcans also suppress emotions and sexual urges – as with many other things between that universe and ours, the reasons are different but the results are the same. Some sexual behavior is still practiced by Mirror-Vulcans for various reasons – as in this universe, Vulcans operating as undercover agents may have to engage in sexual behavior (Evil Storvik, as a trained counter-espionage agent, can be assumed to have been trained in "multiple techniques and a broad variety of pleasuring"); it is also possible (but unconfirmed) that Vulcans may participate in the sexual dominance of underlings, or the use of rape as a punishment or interrogative technique, that occurs in the Mirror Universe. The default condition there, however, as here is that Vulcans engage in sexual activity primarily (if not exclusively) during the throes of pon farr in order to perpetuate the species.

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You've Come A Long Way, Baby

I reflected upon the evolution¹ of the USS Murgatroid's situation. She had originally been stolen by two cadets fresh out of Starfleet Academy, and become an embarrassment to the Fleet – ordered to remain out of sight (cloaked and/or outside of the populated areas and common flight paths of the Federation) and used as a chaotic "dumping ground" for those misfits that Starfleet could not trust in a position of responsibility and/or public scrutiny. (This is something which the Murgatroid had in common with Starbase 688.)

It was only natural that the Murgatroid, out of Starfleet's mind and sight, would get involved with smugglers and other quasilegal undesirables. Starfleet found a way to use this to their advantage when they assigned us a task during their crackdown on alcohol smugglers; I believe a relevant quote used was "setting a thief to catch a thief." This was when Starfleet realized that the Murgatroid could be useful to them, as a ship and crew who could do things and go places that were out of the question for anyone else in Starfleet; while providing Starfleet Command with "plausible deniability" at the same time. It seemed that we were under less threat of losing our ship, freedom, and/or lives to Starfleet Command once they had actually found a use for us … although this did bring us under more scrutiny from them, while at the same time making them more eager to keep us secret and hidden from everyone else.

Not that they had had a great deal of success in that endeavor, given the furor which accompanied our first visit to Starbase 668.

But our "rehabilitation" began when we revealed the infiltration of an alternate-universe Admiral Janeway into Starfleet and single-handedly (against the rest of the fleet, which had been told we were criminals and traitors – on the one occasion when the charges were false!) drove her out of Starfleet Command's headquarters in San Francisco (rescuing the "real" Janeway in the process). Then, with the assistance of an alternate version of myself from the same universe, the alternate Janeway and her vessels were destroyed.

With the passing of our former captain and my promotion to take his place, the Murgatroid was almost given a fresh slate. I cannot predict how Starfleet Command will attempt to utilize us in the future (I still await the Murgatroid's arrival here before I contact Starfleet to report the rescue of Evil Storvik and T'Sorvik), but it seems possible that we are actually going to be afforded and open an official place in the Fleet, hidden from all eyes no longer.

¹It seems unlikely that the term "intelligent design" will ever be applied to the actions of the Murgatroid.

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I Want My Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back

As promised, once I reached the Ankh I transmitted a rather large database to the sickbay's computer for Khan's perusal. For over six and a half years we had been hiding in the past, building the foundation of our daughter's education free of the external influences of those who sought to examine and control every facet of her life. During that time, we had been taking full scans of her – with both medical and scientific tricorders – at regular intervals. We had also been subjecting her to some of the Federation's standardized tests for intellectual and emotional development (for the former, she tested far above her chronological age; for the latter, results had never been reliable for Vulcans), and all of those results were also in the database. Once Doctor Mib Khan had completed his examination of T'Sorvik, those results would be appended to the data as well.

We were not only collecting this data for our own use (although we did make many modifications to her learning program based upon them), but to turn over to the Vulcan Science Academy once we "surfaced". There is the possibility that there will be less repercussions against us for removing her from their control, and less demands for us to return her, if we are willing and able to provide them with all of the data they need for their analyses.

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Regarding Vulcan Parental Instincts

It was possibly the late Ambassador Sarek who said it best: "My logic … is uncertain, where my son is concerned."

Most non-Vulcans do not quite understand what was said there. It was not a confession of weakness, or an aberration on Sarek's part from the Vulcan norm. It was a simple statement of fact, for which no other Vulcan would have required an explanation. "My logic … is uncertain, where my son is concerned."

The Vulcan phenomenon of pon farr, once almost unknown to non-Vulcans, is now (relatively) common knowledge; even a source of risqué humor for the other races. It is a time when biological imperatives overwhelm and supercede the trained rationality of the adult Vulcan. Ironically, this stripping away of a Vulcan's logic is, itself, highly logical; the survival of the species requires that certain biological imperatives have a much higher priority than any imposed system of rationality and emotionlessness. One of those biological imperatives upon which the species depends is sexual reproduction – and thus, pon farr.

Another biological imperative, upon which the survival of the species depends, and which carries a higher "hard-wired" priority than any learnéd philosophical system, is the protection of the children. One threatens the children of a Vulcan at one's own great personal risk; for whereas plak tow (the "blood fever" which accompanies pon farr) is primarily self-directed, and may be fatal for the Vulcan in whom it occurs, the violence which can result from a Vulcan defending his or her child is completely externally directed.

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T Plus 47 Seconds

On the USS Murgatroid:
Heavens watched on the main screen as the freighter self-destructed. "Khaaaaan!" she yelled.
Ditzbrain watched on her navigation panel as Storvik took the runabout on a course almost directly toward the Apollo system's sun. "Aaaaankh!" she yelled as the runabout did a slingshot manuever around the star and vanished from her instruments.

Exactly forty-seven seconds after the Murgatroid lost sight of the Ankh, several years and a day after the Ankh disappeared from the Murgatroid, a small light blinked on Heavens' communications panel. "Heh-heh-hello?" she stammered, and then brought herself back under control. "This is the Murgatroid, Lieutenant Heavens speaking."
"Murgatroid, this is Captain Storvik."
Without being told to, Heavens immediately transferred the communication to the main screen. "Where are you, sir?"
"We are at Starbase 668," Storvik responded. "Have the Murgatroid make best time here, without placing any further strain on her. I believe Ifix recommended that you 'do not get shot at.' I shall arrange for the ship to complete its repairs here once you arrive."
"It's going to take us at least a week to get there," Heavens replied. "How did you get there so fast?"
"It took us significantly longer than that. Storvik out."

Heavens was confused. "What did he mean? How did they get there so fast?"
"I don't know anything and neither do you," Ditzbrain responded, as she set a course for Starbase 668. "Don't ask any questions if you don't want to be interrogated by Temporal Investigations for the answers. Again."
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Rank Hath It's Privileges

On a Federation starship, there are certain orders that only a captain may give. While KY Jellico was captain, these things simply were not done. However, now that I have the rank as well as the responsibilities, I have been able to do things which had previously been more difficult. With my command overrides, I was able to access and deactivate all of Mib Khan's sickbay equipment, and strip him of all access to the Murgatroid's computers. These tasks, in the past, would have required me to get approval from Jellico, or to engage in illicit "hacking" activities. Neither of those options were guaranteed success, and both would caused delays and difficulty.

The only person who can countermand or override the captain is the ship's chief medical officer – and once he does so, the captain will lose any power over him until the doctor withdraws his suspension of the captain from duty or an appeal is convened. However, if the captain removes the chief medical officer from duty (as I have done with Khan) first, then the doctor then loses all power over the captain. So each has power over the other, and the one who moves first wins (in the short run, at least).

These are things I must keep in mind, since the current situation is, of necessity, only temporary. A starship needs a doctor, and the Murgatroid is no exception to this rule. She may, in fact, have an even greater need than the average starship in the fleet. This is why our first stop, upon emerging from hiding, has been to visit Starbase 668. There is a Khan here who has been isolated from the events on Deep Space Nine; and if I am to restart the cloned Khan "hive" on the Murgatroid, he is the most logical one to begin with. I will contact him after I contact the Murgatroid, in just two point seven hours.

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Time Is Fleeting

I had not forgotten the conversation I had with Evil Storvik about "subjecting" our daughter to the standard Vulcan upbringing from which I had yet to fully recover, and a childhood spent under observation by the Vulcan Science Academy. However, before his abduction, we had yet to formalize an escape plan. The admiralty were loathe to let such "resources" escape their grasp, and we no longer had possession of Surak's Razor (a ship which had proved capable in the past of evading Starfleet detection and capture). Other options which I had considered – Captain Terminal's Mustang or Mib Khan's Drunken Bastard – were also eliminated.
Of course, even if I did acquire a ship (as I now have, the runabout Ankh), it would avail us not without determining a destination at which we could remain safe and hidden for a sufficient span of time to begin T'Sorvik's education on our own, without Federation interference. In one of my discussions with my wife T'Vit (who insisted upon accompanying us), she asked if we could eventually hide somewhere where they had already searched. I realized that there was indeed somewhere we could go that had been searched but wouldn't be searched again for the duration of our stay … the past.
I made certain to bring with me a complete copy of Starfleet's recorded ship movements and explorations for the last decade. If we knew everywhere that Starfleet had been, then by the simple process of elimination, we also knew everywhere that they hadn't been. We would be able to evade detection, and also avoid any encounters that might change recent history.
So, once the Ankh was captured and my "family" were all aboard, I calculated a course around the nearest star to send us into the past via the slingshot effect.
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Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

After we arrived in the Apollo system, and detected an unidentified ship in orbit around the ninth planet, we slowly moved in towards our target. For three point seven one hours we approached the gas giant – the settlements, it turned out, were actually research facilities on two of Apollo Nine's larger moons, Yamma Yamma and Ding Ding. (The Murgatroid's computer cannot tell us which of the Federation's races established these stations, and was therefore responsible for the naming of the satellites.) For the entire 222.6 minutes of transit, navigator Ditzbrain was humming the theme to an old Terran movie called Jaws under her breath. I must assume that she forgot about my sensitive Vulcan hearing, and did not realize that I could hear her entire … "performance."
We continued to monitor the freighter with passive systems only; and as we got closer, we were able to receive far more data about our target. The freighter appeared to be of a standard (if outdated) Federation civilian design, and the power readings we received from her engines, deflector screens, and life support systems were all within the expected ranges. We could not detect the power signatures of any weapons systems; but this could mean that she either had no weapons, or that she had simply not powered them up. In any event, it did not appear as if her offensive capabilities (if any), defensive capabilities, or drive systems posed any threat of her being able to fight or flee against the Murgatroid.
We waited in close proximity, knowing that the Ankh would have to approach the freighter in order to get within transporter range to transfer their prisoners – and that would put them in our range as well. It does not bear reminding that both ships would have to drop shields in order to effect a transportation. If it turned out that the Ankh did not approach the freighter, but merely came in-system to communicate with her, our superior speed would allow us to easily overtake—

"Captain," Lieutenant Heavens announced, "the Ankh has just come out of warp and is approaching our position!" Lieutenant Ditzbrain switched to another tune; one which I did not recognize, but which would surely have been no less of an annoyance had I not been a Vulcan … with earplugs. I made a mental note to have those on-hand (or in-ear) next time we were in similar straits.
"Storvik to engineering," I said to the computer. When I heard the chief engineer's grunt, I continued, "prepare the special attack. Both ships as soon as the shields come down; the Ankh is the higher priority if you cannot hit them both simultaneously."
"I can," said Ifix.
"Storvik to quartermaster," I said to the computer next, in a lower tone of voice. When the quartermaster responded, I uttered a prearranged code phrase: "Shift it."

Regarding Storvik's Promotion To Captain

After a standard debrief was held before the admiralty, consisting of testimony by myself and my crew relating to the destruction of the ISS Voyager and the death of that universe's Admiral Janeway, I was "invited" to an additional interrogation by that same tribunal, in order to determine whether or not I was fit for promotion to captain and continued command of the USS Murgatroid. These questions covered the entire span of my service upon the Murgatroid; and although they did mention (for the record) the various exceptional deeds of the crew and myself (such as the fact that we have saved their lives on more than one occasion by finding, escaping, and ultimately dealing with the threat of the alternate-Janeway), they seemed more concerned with dwelling upon other non-regulation behaviors ("crimes" was the term used by Nechayev) for which the Murgatroid and I were allegedly guilty… Or, to be more precise, that small subset of our "crimes" for which we had actually been caught.

Why nothing I did was my fault.Collapse )

Why killing Janeway was not a bad thing.Collapse )

After this I was dismissed, and told that I would be called before them again later to receive their decision. So, as they conferred amongst themselves and prepared to vote upon my rank and fate, I left … and shortly thereafter left Deep Space Nine altogether in pursuit of my kidnapped daughter and duplicate, at Admiral Nechayev's orders. It was only now that I received confirmation of my promotion in an extremely offhand way.

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Whoopsin' a-Whoopsin'

"Sir," Lieutenant Heavens announced, "incoming message from Starfleet, encrypted, for 'your pointy ears only'." She blushed. "That's what they said, sir."
"I shall take it in my ready room," I replied. On a Defiant-class ship, even one like the USS Murgatroid which uses holographic virtual rooms, the ready room is never very large. Fortunately, I do not require a large amount of room in which to be ready. As I left the bridge, I heard Lieutenant Ditzbrain reassuring the nervous Heavens: "Don't worry, we'll be fine." "Even though Starfleet always says we're out of line?"
"Receive secure transmission," I ordered the computer once the "ready closet" (as Lothar described it) was sealed. "Identify: Storvik, Commander. Access Code: Delta A Max Nine."
"Incorrect identification," the computer replied.
I raised an eyebrow. After my debriefing by the admirals, the last item on the agenda (which was interrupted by the crimes of the Khans) was the determination of whether or not I was due a promotion and the permanent position of captain of the Murgatroid. Perhaps this was their way of telling me that a decision had been made. "Computer," I began again, "Receive secure transmission. Identify: Storvik, Captain. Access Code: Delta A Max Nine."
"Identity confirmed. Receiving secure communications," the computer answered.
Vice Admiral Alynna Nechayev appeared on my screen. "We have an intelligence source, which I cannot disclose at this time, into the thoughts and activities of the Khanworld Khans," she informed me. "The very existence of this source is a secret … Captain." She did not appear to enjoy using my new rank. I would have already assumed that she had have voted against my promotion in any event; she had always been adamant in her disapproval. "Ignore the decoys and false trails. Your kidnapped duplicate and daughter are being taken to a remote colony on the planet Apollo Nine. They are in a runabout, and taking a meandering course to throw off pursuit. If you head directly toward Apollo Nine, at the Murgatroid's top speed, you ought to arrive there before the runabout Ankh." Without a further word, she cut the transmission.
Before leaving the ready room, I disabled all of Khan's access codes to the Murgatroid's computers (even though there were no Khan clones presently onboard). I then returned to the bridge, and provided the new course heading to Ditzbrain at the helm.