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We have just about finished draining the nebula (and the crew has already processed a prodigious amount) of alcohol. This was accomplished under automatic computer control even while the crew (myself included) were incapacitated by something the humans call "Mardi Gras". The alcohol was, of course, filtered in the process of collection to remove all impurities (with the exception of a centuries-old dead Borg drone, these were all microscopic particles or other chemicals); but yesterday we had to filter it all again after Lothar went scuba-diving into the alcohol. I was forced to informed Lothar that there is no "P" in "Cargo Bay #2"…

Having completed this crime exercise, we are ready to bring the USS Murgatroid's communications array back online, to find out what Starfleet wants with us (besides the usual, our absence). They have already managed to contact us with a non-standard one-way probe; we received its message but destroyed it so that it could not report back on our gas-cloud-related activities. It seems Starfleet will be taking Lothar away from us for a while. Some people have already complained about this plan of Starfleet's; not that they are taking him away, but that they intend to return him when they are done with him. Note the past tense of the word "complained"; they were careless enough to voice such opinions in Lothar's hearing range. Lieutenant Daremo is in a stasis pod until the next time we reach a starbase; his injuries are extreme, but are not beyond Khan's capabilities. Mib Khan simply refuses to touch Daremo.

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