Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

A Cunning Plan

          I had an idea for resolving the problem, and explained it to Khan. "I believe that we can invoke the 'Planetary Emergency' clause (under a certain ... 'creative' interpretation of the wording) and require Starfleet to evacuate all of you from Vulcan. The other Federation worlds have already stated a refusal to receive millions of Khan clones. You might constitute a sufficient number of entities to claim to be a minority group, and bring charges of discrimination against them; but I believe a more optimum solution would be for you to colonize a new world of your own." The spokesKhan seemed intrigued, so I continued. "Your world would be a Federation protectorate, but you would be the local government. They will insist upon a democratic system of government for your world, but I am certain that whatever you wish to do will be passed by unanimous acclaim. You would have far more freedom for experimentation upon your world than your clones have aboard the Murgatroid. At least, 'officially' more freedom. You could maintain or even expand your population via cloning, or you could obtain females to establish a self-sufficient society by more ... traditional means." I paused for a moment, thinking. "If you were to release TGMR upon this world, would it be possible for gender-switched Khans to become pregnant and have children?"
          Khan thought about this. "There were no pregnancies after I released TGMR at starbase668 -- and not just because of contraceptive usage or a plethora of same-physical-sex relations. TGMR lasts for a very short period of time, not long enough for a newly-mutated female to ovulate. For that to happen, either TGMR would have to be modified to last for a much longer time period, or something would have to be done to bring the new female into season. Extendenafil, for instance, or ..."
          All of the Khans paused, simultaneously, as a light flashed upon all of their tricorders. Obviously, they were finally receiving the memory update from the Khans on the Murgatroid. And then, after the memory update, each and every one of the Khan clones turned towards me and began to laugh hysterically.
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