Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

The Wrong Man

I woke up a captive, my arms in restraints, in the brig of an unknown spacecraft. My assumption was that Starfleet had apprehended me because I had gone AWOL on Surak's Razor rather than answer their questions. My assumption turned out to be incorrect.

Apparently, in a case of mistaken identity, I had been kidnapped by members of the Orion Syndicate. Everyone refused to speak with me, until their master came on board to question me. He demanded to know why I had run to Risa. One of my abductors explained that I had been found in the presence of a female Vulcan. "Ah," said the superior knowingly, "I understand. It's that Vulcan mating thing, poon tang or whatever you call it."

"Pon Farr," I corrected him.

"Whatever," he said. "If that's all it was, you should have just come to us. Then again, I don't think we have any Vulcan sex slaves." He conferred with the men who had located and abducted me. "Since it don't look like you did anything wrong -- you didn't contact any authorities or double-cross us, we're going to take you back to your post. However, you're on probation now. We're going to be watching you even closer than we were, and you couldn't even find out how we were watching you before. And it'll be a while before you're allowed out of the office again."

Whatever trouble they apparently thought I was in, I seemed to have gotten out of. Except that I was still kept in the brig for the remainder of my trip back to my "post", wherever that was -- and I still had no idea exactly who they thought I was...

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