Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Splitting Up

While Lothar continues to be "a riddle inside a mystery wrapped in an enigma dressed in black", Mib Khan and Ifix have at least discovered the meaning behind Lothar's alcohol dependence. As long as we continue to "booze Lothar", in Ifix's words, he should continue to function. Further examination of Lothar can wait until the current business has been resolved.

I believe that Khan's recent conversation with the imposter Janeway indicates that she is becoming nervous and unsure, and aware that events have slipped out of her control. She is still staying in Starfleet HQ and keeping up her charade of being Admiral Janeway; however, it would be illogical not to assume that she was ready to fight or flee should the truth be revealed. Once Lothar has been revived, he and I will attempt to capture her when our small fleet arrives in the solar system tomorrow. If we are fortunate, we shall also be able to secure evidence from her secret torture chambers to corroborate our story as well.

Doctor Khan and the USS Murgatroid, acting independently of us (due to our fugitive status) will attempt to contact Admiral Ross and/or other members of authority in the Admiralty or the Federation Council. They will present evidence which should be sufficient to at least spark an inquiry – after the Dominion War, it is not possible to discount any credible accusations of identity theft and imposture. The Mustang will remain disguised, merged with the Drunken Bastard, for now; but will be along with the Murgatroid so that Terminal can offer his testimony.

I shall require a vacation once this affair is over.

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