Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Janeway's Mistake

As the mental disorientation reached its crescendo, Janeway climbed up on the table and straddled me. The pain being broadcast into my brain gradually decreased as the machine began to gently stimulate my cerebral pleasure centers. Over it all, however, was an overwhelming sense of disgust, despair, and helplessness. I could see how this could be used to break a man. And then … it happened …
"My only hope lies in Admiral Janeway doing something careless or stupid. Given what I know of her history and methods, this is obviously much more than merely a slim hope."
Janeway had obviously forgotten something very important about Vulcans. She'd done her homework about our physiology and sexuality, as the hormones she'd used to physically arouse me testified – but she made the serious mistake of initiating prolonged and intimate skin-on-skin contact with a contact telepath.

Immediately, the barriers between our minds began to weaken. Before she had time to react, I transferred to her as much of the pain, disorientation, and other emotions from my mind as I could. Fortunately, I had much practice at this sort of procedure, from transferring hangovers and other problems to and/or from Captain Jellico. I also drew strength and sanity from my wife over our psychic bond, and began an all-out assault on Admiral Janeway's mental defenses.

"You're not Admiral Janeway!" I blurted aloud in surprise, as I finally cracked through her ego. It was true – she was an imposter. She was the Kathryn Janeway of another, parallel universe; an Admiral in the Earth Imperial Fleet. Taking control of the USS Murgatroid (a ship which keeps a very low profile, and is largely – and deliberately – ignored by most of the Admiralty) was her first step in trying to subvert Starfleet. She'd reactivated the clandestine program that created Lothar, seduced Admiral Jellico to turn over his nephew to her, and is planning to use the Murgatroid (once completely under her control) to go after other ships and ship commanders, one at a time...

I picked up more details of her plans and actions, but now was not the time to dwell upon them. Now was the time to escape. While I still had some control over her, I made her undo the fastenings holding my arms to the table. I then incapacitated her with a Vulcan neck pinch and released my own legs. I put on her medical smock, the only clothing present, and left the room (estimating that the odds were that the area would be deserted, because Janeway would not want her work witnessed). My estimations, however, were incorrect. There were guards in the corridor...

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