Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Let Janeway have the coffee nebula

We have finally flushed all of the excess water out of the cargo bays, and are now en route to one of the nebulae that are made entirely of alcohol. We plan to suck it all into cargo bay #2. And, because of the speed of light and the distance involved, no one will notice for 74.088 years that the nebula has gone missing – Not that it matters. Starfleet command has never made "Grand Theft: Nebula" a crime. It never occurred to them that anyone would do something so insane; although they will likely change their minds (and the law) in 74.088 years. Someday I need to study the Starfleet Uniform Code of Justice and count how many offenses in were directly inspired by the actions of the USS Murgatroid.

After we have captured the loose alcohol, we will return for the purposes of sculpting and blasting the ice. Since we weren't allowed onto Farpoint Station, we never did find out where Starfleet wanted us to go next; so we are at liberty until they broadcast new orders to us. I have just, at this moment, predicted a 99.78% chance that our communications equipment will go unavoidably off-line for a week. I shall get right on it.

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