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Regarding Khanicide

Lothar is killing Khans on Starbase 668 and singing while "she" does so. Needless to say, this is causing something of a disturbance. I was contacted by the station's head of security, who requested advice. She had already been told by one of the Mib Khans that "shooting Lothar only makes her angry"; these turned out to be that particular Khan's last words.

I explained that Starfleet, possibly due in part to their strong disapproval of Khan's genetic experiments and cloning, has classified Khan as a hive organism. The "collective" of clones share memories, and any Khan killed is automatically replaced with another. All of the Khans therefore, in toto, constitute a single entity as far as they are concerned; and any or all of them can therefore be held legally responsible for the actions of any one Khan "unit". Finally, since individual Khans are no longer considered discrete sentient entities, they have very limited rights under Federation law. ("Discrete" is a word which has never been applied to Khan in any event anyway.) What Lothar is doing can be classified as aggravated assault, but not murder; a distinction that annoys Lothar and just makes him kill more Khans when a Khan points it out.

Thus far, however, Khan has never pressed assault charges against Lothar, and Lothar has never destroyed all of the Khans (along with their replacement mechanism) – so there is little that Starbase 668's security personnel can do; except, perhaps, cite Lothar for littering (for all of the Khan bodies he leaves lying around) or creating a public nuisance. I have asked one of the Khans to deal with the issue of the scattered corpses; but since Khans are currently being killed at a rather higher than normal rate, the system is coming under a great deal of stress. The dead Khans are now being automatically beamed into the Drunken Bastard and broken down as replacement molecules for the new Khans being generated. Khan thanked me, as the benefits of self-recycling had not occurred to him/her (there are currently Khans of both genders) previously.

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