February 9th, 2003

Storvik-Teddy Bear

Storvik's Personal Log Entry #1

I am here under protest.

Captain kyjellico, my "commanding officer", has chosen to begin recording his personal logs into this server; presumably, so that Starfleet Command cannot find them. I think we all remember what happened last time someone in authority managed to obtain his logs. Granted, by the time they'd translated his crayon-written chicken scratchings into Federation Standard English we were long gone; but my ears burn to this day with the subspace messages we received for months thereafter. And mine, of all ears.

LTC mib_khan has chosen to accompany us here as well, though one can never explain any of his chemically-induced decisions. As always, I'll be the one trying extricate us from whatever trouble I'm unable to prevent them from causing in the first place. It would be fascinating to watch, from a distance, but I am not allowed that option.

I will continue to configure this account, including suitable images, at a later date. Storvik out.

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    Leonard Nimoy - The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins