Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

The Other Mirror

As a side note to my analysis, I also examined the data relating to the crossovers between our universe and the "Dark Mirror" universe from which Evil Storvik originated. To the best of our knowledge, the first crossover involved "Evil" Kathryn Janeway and the ISS Voyager; although we do not know exactly where, when, why, or how this crossover occurred. We do know that this crossover lowered the field densities between the two universes sufficiently for a number of subsequent crossovers to occur, all of which involved an artifact belonging to Brother Lothar (the alternate-universe analog of our own Counseller Lothar; Brother Lothar remains trapped in our universe and has been left behind on Starbase 668):

Evil Storvik escaped into our universe after a failed assassination attempt against his former captain, Evil KY Jellico.
Not So Nice Khan, the analog of our own Doctor Mib Khan, crossed over into our universe in pursuit of Evil Storvik.
Not So Nice Khan returned to his universe with both Evil Storvik and I as prisoners.
Evil Storvik and I escaped, and returned to this universe accompanied by Brother Lothar.

As there have been no further crossovers with that universe that we know of for some time now, either in support/pursuit of "Evil" Janeway or from the ISS Murgatroid, one may speculate that the field density between that universe and our own has sufficiently "healed" so as to prevent other crossovers for the time being – at least until another incident punches another hole through the barriers between that universe and our own. I repeat that we still do not know exactly where, when, why, or how the crossover of "Evil" Kathryn Janeway and the ISS Voyager occurred, no do we know whether or not the Imperial Fleet is able to replicate that incident.


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