Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Our Five-Minute Mission

As we are almost ready to depart from Starbase 668, I have received some orders from Starfleet Command. They have reconsidered their previous stance on Evil Storvik, and have instructed the USS Murgatroid to locate him as soon as possible. They are not requiring me to return him to Vulcan, but neither do they completely trust him on the loose. In order to prevent him from once again joining a criminal organization, or in some other way acting against Federation interests (yet acknowledging his invaluable assistance in the elimination of the threat posed by Evil Janeway), they will permit Evil Storvik to remain outside of their control … as long as he is under my personal recognizance.

I am aware that this can be, in a sense, a trap; in that Starfleet Command will be able to hold me responsible for any future offenses perpetrated by my analog. However, I am also aware of one other thing that they appear not to realize – that as long as our daughter T'Sorvik lives on the Murgatroid, Evil Storvik will not be far away. I do not anticipate that the "search" for him will be difficult; as a matter of fact, I expect him to contact us not long after our departure from Starbase 668. I did not expect his rapid departure without warning from the station; but I know that he does not intend to be separated from our child for long. Perhaps his departure was, in part, intended to make my refusal to return him to Vulcan easier?

One other thing I noticed about the new orders from Starfleet is that they were quite specific about Evil Storvik remaining with the Murgatroid – but they made absolutely no mention of Brother Lothar. I have inquired as to the opinion of a representative sampling of relevant and responsible Murgatroid commanding officers (i.e. myself), and the result was unanimous: If at all possible, we shall be leaving Counsellor Lothar's analog behind on Starbase 668.


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