Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

The Truth Hurts, Ensign

Captain Storvik returned to the USS Murgatroid from Starbase 668, and immediately received a somewhat confused report from Doctor Mib Khan. Normally, Khan's reports were not this confused; but in this case, Khan himself (or "themselves") were somewhat at a loss. "Lothar … in a dress," said Storvik, making certain that the facts were correct, "has joined an old Terran religious sect and assaulted an ensign." The doctor nodded. "And the assault … continues?"

"That's the odd part," Khan said, then smirked. "Well, one of the odd parts. Lothar has once again gone completely immobile, with the ensign's neck caught in his grasp. Chief Engineer Ifix is using some of his heaviest power tools to try to force Lothar's hand to open, and one of my clones is treating the ensign with tranquilizers and tri-ox compound."

"Is this the only crisis that—" began the Vulcan, but was interrupted by the arrival of his wife on the bridge.

"T'Sorvik is missing," she announced.


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