Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Rank Hath It's Privileges

On a Federation starship, there are certain orders that only a captain may give. While KY Jellico was captain, these things simply were not done. However, now that I have the rank as well as the responsibilities, I have been able to do things which had previously been more difficult. With my command overrides, I was able to access and deactivate all of Mib Khan's sickbay equipment, and strip him of all access to the Murgatroid's computers. These tasks, in the past, would have required me to get approval from Jellico, or to engage in illicit "hacking" activities. Neither of those options were guaranteed success, and both would caused delays and difficulty.

The only person who can countermand or override the captain is the ship's chief medical officer – and once he does so, the captain will lose any power over him until the doctor withdraws his suspension of the captain from duty or an appeal is convened. However, if the captain removes the chief medical officer from duty (as I have done with Khan) first, then the doctor then loses all power over the captain. So each has power over the other, and the one who moves first wins (in the short run, at least).

These are things I must keep in mind, since the current situation is, of necessity, only temporary. A starship needs a doctor, and the Murgatroid is no exception to this rule. She may, in fact, have an even greater need than the average starship in the fleet. This is why our first stop, upon emerging from hiding, has been to visit Starbase 668. There is a Khan here who has been isolated from the events on Deep Space Nine; and if I am to restart the cloned Khan "hive" on the Murgatroid, he is the most logical one to begin with. I will contact him after I contact the Murgatroid, in just two point seven hours.

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