Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Time Is Fleeting

I had not forgotten the conversation I had with Evil Storvik about "subjecting" our daughter to the standard Vulcan upbringing from which I had yet to fully recover, and a childhood spent under observation by the Vulcan Science Academy. However, before his abduction, we had yet to formalize an escape plan. The admiralty were loathe to let such "resources" escape their grasp, and we no longer had possession of Surak's Razor (a ship which had proved capable in the past of evading Starfleet detection and capture). Other options which I had considered – Captain Terminal's Mustang or Mib Khan's Drunken Bastard – were also eliminated.
Of course, even if I did acquire a ship (as I now have, the runabout Ankh), it would avail us not without determining a destination at which we could remain safe and hidden for a sufficient span of time to begin T'Sorvik's education on our own, without Federation interference. In one of my discussions with my wife T'Vit (who insisted upon accompanying us), she asked if we could eventually hide somewhere where they had already searched. I realized that there was indeed somewhere we could go that had been searched but wouldn't be searched again for the duration of our stay … the past.
I made certain to bring with me a complete copy of Starfleet's recorded ship movements and explorations for the last decade. If we knew everywhere that Starfleet had been, then by the simple process of elimination, we also knew everywhere that they hadn't been. We would be able to evade detection, and also avoid any encounters that might change recent history.
So, once the Ankh was captured and my "family" were all aboard, I calculated a course around the nearest star to send us into the past via the slingshot effect.
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