Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

Yes, Forward To The Foe

As soon as we left Deep Space Nine, I began to filter through the many reports from station security about the chaos caused by Doctor(s) Mib Khan and the crew of the USS Murgatroid. After a short time, security found it easier to simply record everything done by the crew, rather than watch and report upon infractions – so I had a record of all comings and goings by the Khan clones that were observed by Deep Space Nine's security officers.

In a matter of minutes, I had been able to establish (by the times and locations of these sightings) that there were far more than the usual five Khans present on the station (six, actually, including the one which was already on DS9). I contacted the sickbay's computers and examined the logs of Khan's cloning apparatus (something which would have been difficult, though not impossible, for me before I was acting Captain; but now within the ability of my command overrides). The extra Khans did not originate on the Murgatroid – which means that they were most likely from Khanworld.

Unfortunately, there were no Khan clones left on the Murgatroid for me to question – and even if there were, I recalled that the millions of Khanworld Khans were no longer performing ansible updates with the Khans on the Murgatroid. I would likely have gained nothing by interrogating one. Of course, neither would I have had anything to lose, since individual Khan clones are not considered "people" in reference to murder and torture regulations.

Still, I close not to reactivate the cloning apparatus at this time. Should we need a doctor, I would do so; but for the moment, I considered that the ship and I might be better off without a Khan onboard.

I made a quick report of the recent incidents, along with my theories and conclusions, and forwarded a copy to both the commander of Deep Space Nine and the Admirals aboard the station as well. Since they did not wish for Evil Storvik or T'Sorvik to evade their control, they may be of assistance in procuring their return. I was fully aware, as I did this, that I might be causing myself additional trouble in the future, when/if my family is recovered – no doubt the security around them would be increased to prevent future abductions, which would also hinder our own plans for freedom.

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