Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

What's Up, Doc?

I ran through the corridors of Deep Space Nine, carrying an unconscious Captain Terminal, on my way to the Mustang on section five of the docking ring. I was uncertain as to why Foltan asked me to do this rather than beaming us over. I had thought to make an arrangement with Terminal and Foltan to help my … family … and I evade the authorities for a time while we raised our daughter, T'Sorvik; but for reasons unknown, Mib Khan has kidnapped her. "Evil" Storvik is not responding to my hails, so he has been incapacitated and/or is also with Khan and T'Sorvik – either voluntarily or not. My wife T'Vit does not reply to my hails either; they could not have taken T'Sorvik from her without incapacitating – or taking – her as well.

"Would that Counsellor Lothar were here," I thought; possibly for the first time. "Storvik to Mustang," I called as I approached her berth. "Foltan, have any ships just left the station?"

"Four," Foltan replied. "Three have already gone into warp and left the system, all in different directions."

"Here is your companion," I said, as the airlock opened and I carried Terminal into the Mustang.

My commbadge chirped. "Multiple Khans drugged me and took your daughter," my wife stated. "The drug wore off quickly, so they cannot have been gone long."

"I may be back, or in contact, soon," I told Foltan as he took Terminal. "Storvik to Murgatroid," I paged next on my commbadge.

"USS Murgatroid, Heavens here," I heard in response.

"Are any Khans present on the ship?" I asked first, and she responded in the negative. "See if you can locate any on the station, and also see if you can track any that have left – particularly on any of the recently-departed ships."

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