Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid (storvik) wrote,
Commander Storvik, USS Murgatroid

We Have Good Reason

Our mission accomplished, I have been occupied with making my final reports to the Admiralty and coordinating the extensive repairs required by the USS Murgatroid. The latter requires less of my time than one would expect, as Chief Engineer Ifix has matters (and a great deal of fur) well in hand. The former requires quite a bit of time, in spite of the fact that I was not actually present on the Murgatroid when the ISS Voyager exploded. There is a third task which would normally be my responsibility as well, that of overseeing the crew's shore leave while the ship is repaired – that task, however, I have delegated to Chief Medical Officer Mib Khan and his clones (there was only one Khan remaining when the Murgatroid was recovered, but he has since repaired his devices and replenished his number). Unfortunately, I erred when giving Khan his initial orders. I instructed him to "keep the crew's chaos under control", which caused him to:

  • Lead the crew in creating (what was, in his judgement) a "sufficient level" of chaos. "I can't control the chaos if it's not there," he later slurred to me.
  • (Oxymoronically) "organize" the chaos for maximum dispersal throughout Deep Space Nine. "I was in full control of it the entire time," he insisted.

Somehow, in the midst of this, Evil Storvik was able to find and approach me with his own concerns. He has decided not to "subject" our daughter T'Sorvik to the combination of a typical Vulcan educational upbringing and a childhood spent under observation by the Vulcan Science Academy. I find myself in full agreement with his decision – inevitable, given my own experiences in the Vulcan educational system – but we are, as yet, undecided upon a means of implementing said decision.

When the Admiralty leaves DS9 on the USS Sovereign, they will be expecting him to accompany them. This insistence will, if necessary, take the form of armed security officers and force field-restricted accommodations. If the Murgatroid is able to leave DS9 first, it may be possible to take "Evil" Storvik and T'Sorvik with us. Normally, this would be impossible – but with IFix accelerating the repairs of the Murgatroid, I may be able to stall the Admiralty and delay their departure enough that we could leave before them. Khan has inadvertently assisted in stalling the Admiralty by setting a new personal record of disciplinary infractions incurred in a single day.

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